After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, I switched to the Design for Interaction Master at Delft University of Technology. This enabled me to focus on two ingredients that I think are essential to a great design: human-centered design and user involvement in the design process.

My passion is to create simple, clean and logical interactions that work for the user and fit into the client’s context. I enjoy translating insights, requirements and research results into user journeys and interactions. Inspired by different methodologies, such as Agile or the Lean Startup Method, I often use rapid prototyping to validate my designs and gain early insights.

My strength lies in integrating the needs of all stakeholders involved, whether on the client’s side or the company’s. During various steps of the design process, I use my visualization skills to translate research results, user studies, sales proposals, wireframes, etc. into strong visual designs for easy communication between different teams and experts.

You can find me on Linkedin or drop me a line.

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